No Exchange No Refund on Items Purchased During Sale

The other day I was discussing with my friend about, ‘How smartly H&M is playing with consumer minds with  their consumer friendly policies’.

The conversation started with my purchase at BATA which stamped my purchase bill with NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND on the DISCOUNTED ITEM PURCHASED.

To quote one more incident, I wanted to buy a pair of Shoes from *ZARA and when I was about to go inside the trial room to try them on, the trial room in-charge said I have to try them in the open space anywhere in the store. So, I looked around to find some place where I can sit  and remove the shoes I am already wearing to try the ones I want to buy and  to my surprise there was no place to sit if you want to try shoes and I was wondering does he wants me to sit on the floor and try them on or standing like a cock on one feet, either ways I am sure it would definitely look little awkward. He could have given me a tag for trial room which said one item on board and that would have been simple.

In the time when a brand like H&M says, BUY NOW and RETURN LATER , in case of any issues with the product and off course with a proper sitting space in their store to try shoes(…chuckles), brands which still follows the policies of Adam’s era seem a misfit .

TOI, dated August 20, 2019 reported, “H&M bets high on India sees no slowdown here”. 


At time when brands are complaining of a slow down in consumption, one of World’s top apparel brand is at ease.

A slow down in consumption can be due to may reasons but surely one could be non- consumer friendly policies.

Stores like H&M with their great pricing, style and consumer friendly policies esp. for exchange & return are making sure that customers first choice should be them. Consumers buy whatever they like in stores and whenever comes back to exchange or return ends up in buying two more. The number increases drastically during the sale period as most of us would like to buy more if all great things are available at prices we dream for with the extra comfort of avoiding  long trial queue’s which thanks to H&M hassle free exchange and return policies we  do and when we come back to exchange we find more new items on sale which our hawk’s  eye has missed  last time, ending up by buying few more. How convenient, Aye !

Infact, H&M is one store which even gives your money back  if you don’t find anything in rack which  fits your style or size at the time of product return. Consumers across the spectrum wants to be treated with respect for his/her time and money spent. Quick purchase with easy return policies SALE or NO SALE period.

I guess, H&M understands us well.

*ZARA Store in DLF Mall Noida







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