No Exchange No Refund on Items Purchased During Sale

The other day I was discussing with my friend about, ‘How smartly H&M is playing with consumer minds with  their consumer friendly policies’.

The conversation started with my purchase at BATA which stamped my purchase bill with NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND on the DISCOUNTED ITEM PURCHASED.

To quote one more incident, I wanted to buy a pair of Shoes from *ZARA and when I was about to go inside the trial room to try them on, the trial room in-charge said I have to try them in the open space anywhere in the store. So, I looked around to find some place where I can sit  and remove the shoes I am already wearing to try the ones I want to buy and  to my surprise there was no place to sit if you want to try shoes and I was wondering does he wants me to sit on the floor and try them on or standing like a cock on one feet, either ways I am sure it would definitely look little awkward. He could have given me a tag for trial room which said one item on board and that would have been simple.

In the time when a brand like H&M says, BUY NOW and RETURN LATER , in case of any issues with the product and off course with a proper sitting space in their store to try shoes(…chuckles), brands which still follows the policies of Adam’s era seem a misfit .

TOI, dated August 20, 2019 reported, “H&M bets high on India sees no slowdown here”. 


At time when brands are complaining of a slow down in consumption, one of World’s top apparel brand is at ease.

A slow down in consumption can be due to may reasons but surely one could be non- consumer friendly policies.

Stores like H&M with their great pricing, style and consumer friendly policies esp. for exchange & return are making sure that customers first choice should be them. Consumers buy whatever they like in stores and whenever comes back to exchange or return ends up in buying two more. The number increases drastically during the sale period as most of us would like to buy more if all great things are available at prices we dream for with the extra comfort of avoiding  long trial queue’s which thanks to H&M hassle free exchange and return policies we  do and when we come back to exchange we find more new items on sale which our hawk’s  eye has missed  last time, ending up by buying few more. How convenient, Aye !

Infact, H&M is one store which even gives your money back  if you don’t find anything in rack which  fits your style or size at the time of product return. Consumers across the spectrum wants to be treated with respect for his/her time and money spent. Quick purchase with easy return policies SALE or NO SALE period.

I guess, H&M understands us well.

*ZARA Store in DLF Mall Noida







Stories and their unique elements: An approach to story structure by Vladimir Propp

In this article we look at Morphology of the Folktale, by outlining the thirty-one functions that were  proposed by Vladimir Propp for the structural analysis of folktales.

Vladimir Propp (1895-1970) analysed many of Russian fairy tales in order to identify common themes within them. He broke down the fairy tales into thirty-one “functions” that comprised the structure of many of the fairy tales. His study was published as Morphology of the Folktale in 1928

After the publication of Morphology, folklorists around the world realised that there is a unique element to all stories in the sense that they can be replicated. Same or similar stories, with identifiable plots, characters and situation can be found in many parts of the world. Propp’s assertion that hundreds of fairy tales can be reduced to a single structure has made many theorists to accept his hypothesis.

The thirty one-function of V. Propp discussed with an example, story in consideration is ‘RUMPELSTILTSKIN’, storya fairytale popularly associated with Germany (Where he is known as Rumpelstilzchen). The tale was collected by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 edition of ‘Children’s and Household Tales’.


Number Designation Definition Example
1 Β Absentation One of the members of a family absents himself
      from home.
2 Γ Interdiction


An interdiction is addressed to the hero.
      king orderKing orders the Miller’s daughter to spun gold from the hay else she will die.
3 Δ Violation The interdiction is violated.

She has no idea how to spun gold from hay(Leading to the entry of Villain)

4 Ε Reconnaissance The villain makes an attempt at reconnaissance.
      cryingRumpelstiltskin asks why you cry fair maiden.
5 Ζ Delivery The villain receives information about his

The Miller daughter said “I will die unless I find a way to spin all the straw into gold”

6 Η Trickery The villain attempts to deceive his victim in
      order to take possession of him or of is

hay to goldRumpelstiltskin “May be I can help you” what will you give me if I spin gold for you?

7 Θ Complicity Victim submits to deception and thereby
       unwittingly helps his enemy.

Millers daughter: I have nothing left to give you.

Rumpelstiltskin: Promise me that you will give me your first born child and I will spin all this straw into the gold.

Millers daughter: Relunctly agreed to give the tiny man what he wanted she had no choice.

8 A Villainy The villain causes harm or injury to a member of a family
      give me your sonRumpelstiltskin reappears “ I have come for your first born, your son”, he said with a wicked grin.
8A A Lack A member of a family lacks something or
      desires to have something.
9 B Meditation Misfortune or lack is made known; the hero is
      approached with a request or command; he is
      allowed to go or he is dispatched.

“If you can guess my name in 03 days you can keep your child”

10 C Beginning The hero agrees to or decides upon
    counteraction counteraction.

Queen (Millers Daughter) sends out messengers to find all the possible names they can gather from every corner of the country

11 Departure The hero leaves home.
12 D First function The hero is tested, interrogated, attacked etc.,
    of the Donor which prepares the way for his receiving either a
      magical agent or a helper.




13 E The hero’s The hero reacts to the actions of the future
    reaction Donor.
14 F Provision of a The hero acquires the use of a magical agent.
    magical agent  
15 G Guidance Hero is led to the whereabouts of an object of
      Late Last night I saw something strange. A tiny man was dancing and chantingdance fire

“ The child is mine. I’ve won the game. Since Rumpelstiltskin is my name”

16 H Struggle The hero and the villain join in direct combat
      “Is your name sheepshanks, spindleshanks….

Wrong! Cried the little man gleefully

17 I Branding The hero is branded
18 J Victory The villain is defeated

Could your name be Rumpelstiltskin. The little man turn purple with rage

19 K Liquidation of The initial misfortune or lack is liquidated
20 Return The hero returns.
21 Pr Pursuit The hero is pursued
22 Rs Rescue Rescue of the hero from pursuit
23 O Unrecognized Unrecognized, he arrives home or in another
    arrival country
24 L Unfounded A false hero presents unfounded claims
25 M Difficult task A difficult task is proposed to the hero
26 N Solution The task is resolved
27 Q Recognised The hero is recognised.
28 Ex Exposure The false hero or villain is exposed
29 T Transfiguration The hero is given a new appearance
30 U Punishment The villain is punished

Rumpelstiltskin remained in that same place frozen forever in rage.

31 W Wedding The hero is married and ascends the throne


According to Propp (1968): In order to create a tale artificially, one may take any A, then one of the possible B’s then a C↑, followed by absolutely any D, then an E, the one of the possible F’s, then any G, and so on. In doing this, any elements may be dropped, or repeated three times, or repeated in various forms. If one, then distributes functions according to the dramatis personae of the tale’s supply of by following one’s own taste, these schemes come alive and become tales. Of course, one must also keep motivations, connections, and other auxiliary elements in mind”


References: Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (ISSN 0975-2935), Vol. IX, No. 2, 2017

                    Excerpts from: Vladimir Propp: Morphology of the folk tale 1928 Translation 1968, The American Folklore Society and Indiana University  



The Legend of Mysterious Invisible Red Thread of Fate Tied to you

red string of fate


The Red Thread of Fate is an East Asian belief originating from a Chinese Legend. According to this , the God ties an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. In Japanese and Korean culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.finger

The red string might get tangled, contracted or stretched but it can never break.

Legend has it that the two people connected by this thread will have an important story, regardless of the time, place or circumstances. The legend of the red string is a way to understand our itinerary of encounters as a predetermined plot where couples’ relationships, the intimate brushes with someone and all the little or grand stories we crisscross with others are neither random nor accidental, but they are part of a bigger picture which we weave, out of the threads given to us at the time of our birth.

Accepting this, or at least considering it, helps us to navigate the life sea with calm mind and soul, helping us to accept that the path we opted for or decisions we have taken are the only ones we were destined for. There were no wrong choices, better paths or poor decisions.

If you will close your eyes and analyze all your major life altering decisions, it is fairly possible that you may be able to connect the dots.


Predators@Work Place: Are You Working With An Emotional Vampire


Image Credit: Emotional Vampires at work

Just like ‘THE VAMPIRES’, Emotional Vampires are also driven by single minded goal, if you are not careful enough they will stanch their thirst by emotionally draining you out.

We all must have met one of these kinds in workplace, they look normal, just like any of us but once they are hired or assumes a post of power their exploitation starts. Their behaviour is consciously regulated with ulterior motives. They want to feed on your positive energy and  cultivate the ‘Vampire kind of Organizational Culture’ . Whenever we are around them we feel tired or frustrated or depressed. Thoughts like look out for job change or how to fight back always clouds our mind.

Know your predator. According to Albert J. Bernstein, a clinical psychologist  and author of Emotional Vampires at Work described them as one of the four types.

  • Antisocials: An Antisocial crave excitement in bending or breaking laws for their own needs and wants. They often feel little or no empathy towards others. They often bully people and shows no respect towards people working around them.


  • Histrionics: A Histrionics is a constant attention seeker wherever he goes. They want to be the center of attention and create drama. They become difficult and problem creator if they are not constantly showered with attention.


  • Narcissists:  They suffer from grandiose sense of importance and believe universe
    5-Ways-to-Deal-with-a-Narcissist2 from women working

    Image Credit:Women Working

    revolves around them. They are always high on the assumption of being too successful and think themselves as unique. They usually exploits people working around them and are arrogant and jealous of other’s success.


  • Obsessive-Compulsives:  These are perfectionists who leaves no room for mistakes especially not even your’s. They Micromanage everything at the cost of flexibility, openness and efficiency. Their controlling behavior makes it painful to work with  them.

1049-How-to-Recognize-and-Escape-Emotional-Vampires from cleverism

How to Fight back  an emotional Vampire ?

It is simpler than you think, Just ‘KEEP CALM’ and follow the rule of NE-TT-CG-SM-SD

  • (NE) NEVER EXPLAIN-Emotional Vampires feed on your response, they will instigate you for one. Never explain to them how you were absolutely correct and others were wrong.  They will always put you in tough spot and you have to make a choice. Rather than being always right , choose to be effective for a change to make their attack futile.
  • Take (TT) TIME to THINK- Impulsive decisions are not the best one. Emotional Vampire will push you for the immediate response, don’t give them one. Ask for time, think through and then respond. This will make his attack useless as by the time you are ready with solution his attack for the day has already lost it’s charm.
  • (CG) CLARIFY your GOAL -Know your goal and what you are expected to achieve, stay focused. Emotional Vampire will try to dodge you off by pushing you in multi directions.
  • (SM) SHUT your Mouth – Emotional responses are  quick to erupt and they are not as good as rational responses. Emotional Vampire will push your buttons to get a reaction out of you . Take a deep breath and let the moment pass by. This will ward off the energy sucker.
  • (SD) SLOW DOWN-  To snatch control of situation from Emotional Vampire you need to think more slowly than him. Give your task and yourself an appropriate time. Don’t hurry. His fast pace is a trick to throw you off balance.






Someone Next Door Is selling a Fake Drug


No Entitlement claim for any image use.

Immediately after two days of ‘Leadership summit on Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand protection’, organized at Hotel Taj Mahal N.Delhi, an initiative to fight against fake, inaugurated by Shri Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister, Minister of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, a news titled Your medicine box may have fake drugs’ by Times of India and ‘2 held for running fake medicine factory’ in Hindustan times uncovering a racket of selling fake drugs was published.

Mr. Suresh Sati, Anti Counterfeiting Investigator expert who has been fighting the fight against fake drugs for last 37 years during his session in summit disclosed some of the alarming facts and the extent of the problem we are living amidst. These facts were not only scary but had led to plethora of unanswered questions on the Safety of consumers health and lives.

He said every day we are consuming a slow poison in one form or the other. The Fakes have engulfed our daily life so viciously that from the toothpaste to the daily medicines we consume to keep ourselves healthy and moving like calcium or vitamin tablets may be FAKE.

How big and widespread the problem is? has been proven on Sunday March 18 when the news of Fake medicines racket was flashed in newspapers.

Mr. Suresh Sati quoted that the Fakes which are being sold in market seems so real that sometimes even the owners of the medicine or any other product for that matter gets confused and even accepts a FAKE product as his own and the fake medicines being caught yesterday in the raid proved his point. A live example of how smartly the counterfeiters look for original packets of the same formulation with recent manufacturing date and batch number and cautiously replicate the same on the FAKE to confuse and cheat even an experienced buyer.

Mr. Sati said the fight against FAKE has to reach a ZERO TOLERANCE level else nothing will happen. He said someone once said to him’ Arey Fake drugs say bhi kabhi koi marta hai kya ?’ ( Does any one die of consuming Fake Drugs?) You are just scaring people and escalating the issue.

After his session, I asked Mr. Sati, How do you differentiate between fake and real drug and he said after


37 years I am experienced enough but the question which still haunts me WHAT ABOUT ME, WHAT ABOUT US? and what about him who asked Mr. Sati ‘fake drugs say bhi koi marta hai’?

I once read some where WHY MAKE IN INDIA, WHEN YOU CAN FAKE IN INDIA? at that moment it sounded funny but Isnt it true now ?





A quick answer that everyone will readily throw
across me is , It’s about you, my friend, It’s about women’s rights. Really!!
May, I ask what are these rights and where do I find them?
I agree that time and situations have really improved drastically and like many other women I am also the privileged one to enjoy that but I  believe that the mindset of most of us is still primitive.
For many of us it is just a day which floods the social networking sites with images of women multitasking and short beautiful poems and messages singing and praising women but what about tomorrow when something else will steal the lime light from International women’s Day.
Tomorrow most of us will be judged again as incapable and undeserving especially when it will be about promotions, higher salaries and more.



We all are facing workplace harassment and gender biasness and more every day. The dose of it comes to us on everyday basis as if we are sick and this is prescribed medication to cure us.
I also belong to so many anonymous faces, who fights a battle everyday. I also faced work place harassment and gender biasness and I tried hard to fight against it but the moral of this story is, If you are putting your case for gender biasness in the court of opposite gender especially when you are told yeah ‘admiao ki gandi duniya hai madam’ (this is the world of dirty men) then Hell! yeah, YOU WILL LOOSE. It will be like shouting among-st deaf’s.
Priyanka Chopra in her speech about ‘Breaking the Glass ceiling’, also indicated that Glass Ceiling does exist and countless of us face it everyday at workplace especially ‘THE WOMEN’
I have heard so many stories where women have been denied promotions, chances to be permanent in there workplaces and sacked just like that with no reasons or reasons which are totally unacceptable.



I refuse to bend down, I refuse to accept the un-justice and I am not ashamed to accept that ‘YES’, I am the one who paves her own path, who wants to set things right for herself and who refuses to accept that her voice is unheard for.
We need to tell ourselves everyday we are strong, we are competitive, we are tough and


‘HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY, EVERY DAY’, not just today

Hey Girl,  I know you ! 

                                              Hey Girl !,  I know you hey i know u bus ride

pr-pic   by Priyanka Rathi
 hey girl i know u

                                              Hey Girl !,  I know you 

 If you travel by any public transport every day at same time you come across so many faces whom you recognize in many different ways. 

I know you, Miss Green Croc leather  strap watch….

Hey ! Miss Leopard print Hand bag….

I know you ‘NEHA’ as inscribed on your Choodaa ( Bangles)……

The girl with Silver aviator reading glasses……

If u ask me I really hate travelling by metro and in fact for last one year I did not travel by metro . But with change in job I have to again go through mad rush and chaos in morning and evening. Somehow  I adapted to commute by metro again and  realized the only thing great about traveling with public transport is  this METROCOMMUTO CONNECT ( in my case as I travel by metro).(at least for me)  This familiarity your mind creates with these people who almost every day brush their shoulders with you is really amazing. Sometime I wonder when I catch a girl staring at me, Is she also mapping me with one of my distinctive characteristic and thinking HEY GIRL ! I KNOW YOU……

#freedom of speech






bearmancartoons freedom of speech 1


Nowadays ,Freedom of Speech is the latest trendsetting #hashtag  excuse used by people around when they utter all sorts of nonsense and disrespecting things from their mouth.

What is freedom of speech? Really ! does anybody care enough to know about it?

When this had been made  as Fundamental right in the constitution even Dr. B.R. Ambedkar must have not thought that unlike any other invention it will do more damage than greater good.

Whenever some Political/Social topic gets heated up, this freedom of Speech care takers jump into action and you will find them flooding all social media sites and public platforms saying all sorts of foolish comments  which off course do not make sense except one “Freedom of Speech”.

You may find them quoting

 “This country will go nowhere if our freedom of speaking freely is taken away”

“I will fight with anyone who will stop me from saying what I want”

“Arey  yeah to hamara birth right hai” (This is our birth right).

There is very thin line between freedom of speech and expressing something which is hurtful and unrighteous.

It is shameful to see people defending terrorists, criminals  accused of rape, acid attackers and murderers in the name of Freedom of Speech.

Have we forgotten our childhood days when our parents/elders used to stop us from talking nonsense or disrespecting others or saying hurtful words?

Where was freedom of speech then ? I’ll tell you where it was, it was right there , but in our hearts innocence existed and we understood the difference of what was right and wrong and where to put an end to the words we feel like saying.

Understand , Freedom of Speech is the best thing our country has gifted us. Use it wisely to fight against injustice, crime, inequality and lot many giant social evils engulfing us today rather than misusing it.

It takes only a second to destroy something but years to build it back. What we Say is the sharpest weapon available to us and it can destroy someone’s hope of life, justice if we fail to put to an end to our stupidity.


#United by equal 1/2

United by equal half’s

Women in India have been denied there equal half’s since ages and if you think we have surpassed that phase or period then I may have to disappoint you. Few people may disagree with me and claim women have really come a long way and stood steadfast in getting what was rightfully their’s but I would like to ask WHY?  Why have we come a long way and why we have to fight for anything especially the one’s which has been granted to men as their basic right, something which they are meant to have as they are born not “US”.

Why can’t the difference of mere physical and emotional structure be treated as a biological makeup and we the women (who had been discriminated) be treated like any other homosapien( THE MEN)

Just because we are lesser in number the male species has self designated themselves as power center and made the rules for the other half around them on how they would lead/ live their lives . Over the time these rules have become Laws and if we dare to question them or defy we are outcasted and termed as rebellious, unfit to be part of their civilized society.

Why even the terms like being “feminist”are there in the dictionary ? And at the very first point  Why do we have to be feminist .

Don’t deny what is rightfully for any homosapien and we will stop supporting feminism.

The #unitedbyhalfcampaign an effort by United Color of Benetton is an effort towards a better world.

A world where women and men are treated as equals by one and all. Be it at home, school or the workplace.

Treat us as equals and respect us as you would expect for yourself. I am not the weaker half of the society.

I am as strong as you think of yourself.

I am as intelligent as you think of yourself.

I contribute to make you …….A Future You.


priyanka rathi

mirror Oh mirror ! WHO IS THE FAIREST OF ALL ?

MIRROR Oh MIRROR!                                                                                                                                WHO IS THE FAIREST OF ALL        unnamed-1

by Priyanka Rathi  pr-pic

How offended we used to feel when we hear horror stories of white skinned people doing bad things to dark skinned people in their countries. At that time we stood up against that injustice and voiced our strong opinions.

Then why not against the fairness cream companies which very blatantly and boldly disrespect our color and complexion trying to fill our heads to change our very own good skin color into white.


Actress Kangna Ranaut turned down a Two Crore rupees offer to do a fairness cream advertisement and said she feel embarrassed and ashamed that people market fairness products and vouch for them.

NDTV has started #fairnesscreamesracistcampaign, putting forward the point of fairness creams-exactly like racism.

ndtv campaign

We should be proud of our brown skin tone. I am proud of my skin tone and whichever country I went always got admiration for my beautiful Indian skin tone.

I am a proud Indian with dusky complexion and why can’t we all be the same.

Why does we need a fair complexion bahu (Daughter-in law) for our beta’s (son’s) then a fair natured bahu (Daughter-in-law).

Why we don’t educate ourselves as well as the young minds around us to accept who we are.

I remember an incident of my School days when a girl named”Payal” who was as fair as white ghost suggested me to buy a fairness creme as she thought I am in desperate need of one. I would not blame her solely as the society and people around her also needed to be blamed for her ignorance and foolishness.

My mother stopped me from playing basket ball in the heat of summers as she thought it would make me more dark .

How can a country whose inheritance has always been brown color is threatened by fair skinned color , which is in minority?

How can this white complexion mania can dishonor and disrespect the color we all are born with?

How can this race for being white still in year 2016 haunts us, influence life of a dark kid in school and still gets a place in matrimonial advertisement as eligibility criteria to get a good groom?

If success, growth and our well being all is connected with being fair skinned than I suggest we should stop sending our kids to school, feeding them with nutritional diets, instilling them with good morals , just buy a pack of fairness cream and boom ! we all are sorted.


If you all are wondering what should be your new year’s resolution then I can provide you with one.

                                                  STOP BEING FASINATED WITH WHITE COMPLEXION.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BAN ANYTHING WHICH SAYS “Don’t be proud of yourself”.