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This year’s IITF-2016 is special in many ways. Firstly , this 36th edition of trade fair is the last one in the existing premises of Pragati Maiadn.  For next four years , it is not certain whether it will be organised or not as the structural revamp of existing halls at Pragati Maidan will commence from this year . So until the new building comes up there is going to be LONG wait for next IITF .

Secondly the DEMONETIZATION  – Many exhibitors have fear due to this. But contrary to their fear on the very  first business day  people turned up fairly well. The exhibitors have equipped themselves with many payment options from debit cards ,credit cars and even mobile wallets like PAYTM and PAYUMONEY to facilitate visitors.

THE INTERNATIONAL PAVILION as always was the first choice for visitors.This year’s FOCUS country is BELARUS.

To get a  more detailed perspective please see the below video .

It is  for the first time that the IITF has been covered in video footage by six year old boy.

please click below to see the IITF from his point of view 

The second most visited pavilion as always is SARAS in hall 7,where the small scale and rural artisan from every part of country gather to showcase their products .

Have a glimpse of SARAS with Nick by watching the video below.

There is much more to visit in IITF like State pavilions, Khadi pavilion and not to forget the various food stalls from every part of country. 

The visit to IITF is must for every one.The first five days are reserved as business days but after that it will be open to general public.  SO  GEAR UP and RUSH TO IITF.

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