The Moon on the Shiva’s head is not just a Moon

Shiva beautifully carries a half moon on his head and shiva moonit is not just a moon, if you may look carefully it symbolizes the last day of the waning  moon before it will be completely gone from the sky and give way to the appearance of the new moon in the sky. When this moon appears in the sky waning moonbefore the new moon night we pray to lord Shiva, it is called ‘Shiv-Ratri’. Yes, the Shiv-Ratri comes every month and the one which is celebrated in grandeur manner by everyone is the ‘Maha-Shiv-Ratri’, the biggest night of Shiva.

Now the question which pops up in our head is, why Shiva worshiped on a particular day?shiva

we all face mood swings just like the moon which also swings between full moon to no moon, although our mood swings are more frequent and quick to change. We pray to Lord Shiva so that the moon comes back into the sky just as we want all our sadness to go away and happiness to be back in our life.  When we pray to him he takes all our sadness away and cheer us up and our life become as fulfilling and as nurtured as the full moon in the sky.



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